Before reading this article by Jeff Howe, I had no idea what the term ‘crowdsourcing’ meant. I think I am going to side with some of my other classmates and say I am not that surprised either that this type of stuff goes on, especially in our day in age, it makes sense, especially if its cheaper for someone to do. I also like the idea how a lot of these images and pictures are sold at a relatively cheap price, which makes it more appealing to the average user.

Furthermore, I was looking over some of the stuff and I got confused about a lot of the licensing and terms and things like that. Personally, I don’t think I would ever use it, but it is a good idea nonetheless. I would rather take my own pictures/images that way I don’t have to have a problem with anyone or anything and I can also essentially use whatever I want.

The only downside I can really see to this that the article pointed out was that this market is very competitive and can be hard for people to get into.

Going on, I think that this could be helpful for our e-book project coming up. First, its pretty fast and pretty easy to use. Second, it saves my partner and I a lot of time in trying to get our own, and finally, it has a lot of images that pertain to our topic and our artist.crowdsourcing