In-Class Assignments

9/3: Write an “About Me” post on the Class Blog (approx 300 words). Include at least one photo and one link. Categorize in “Introductions” category.

9/10: (1) Comments on three of your classmates’ critical responses (this will be homework from now on (2) Read the Artist Bios, choose your favorite three in order. I will assign you a partner based on your preference. (3) Review best practices for communicating with interviewees and then draft the initial e-mail to your interview subject: introduce yourselves, explain why you’re excited to work with this person, ask the person for his/her general availability and preference for communication. (4) Crash course in blogging and create partner blog. (5) Each person writes new blog post on partner blog (approx. 500 words) Why did you want to work with this particular artist, what have you learned about him/her so far based on his/her web presence? What do you hope to learn from this person? What are some things you already want to ask this person?

9/17: (1) Class discussion: “Making Art in the Now World” and “Kickstarter Can Fund Your Dreams“ (2) Visit Kickstarter with your partner: find three currently active projects that are related to your artist’s craft. On your partner blog, together write a post that briefly summarizes the projects, explains what you think is successful or unsuccessful about the way the project is presented, and concludes whether or not you would contribute money to the campaign (why or why not?) (3) Sign up for RSS reader account and add your classmates’ blogs. Also, add five blogs related to your artists’ craft. (4) Watch video about Creative Commons, learn about the types of licenses, and understand how to search the CC. Read “Bloggers Beware…” (5) Return to posts you’ve written or the course blog and add media from the Creative Commons/provide proper attribution. (6) Respond to this question on the course blog: Why is it important to use Creative Commons media? How might a blogger take advantage of Creative Commons as both a user and a creator? (7) Write at least 10 interview questions (avoid “yes” or “no” questions, refer to best practices document) – share them with artist subjects to give them a preview – tell them you’ll be recording next week and decide when the recording time should be

9/24: (1) Class discussion about podcasting article (2) Share podcasts from homework and listen to a few examples. (3) Review Podcast Script Writing Guide (4) Audacity tutorial (5) Review options for recording interview subjects (6) Plan the podcast: write intro, think about what you’d like to do for opening and closing, choose music and/or sound effects (7) With your partner, find a podcast that’s somehow related to your artist’s craft. Write a blog post about what you think is successful and/or unsuccessful about the podcast. Does it give you any ideas?

10/1: (1) Class discussion about “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” (2) On the partner blog, write individual posts: How might the issues that Carr presents in the article affect your artist subject? You’ll probably need to be creative in the way you address this question because the answer may not be immediately obvious. (3) Make sure I have approved your script. (4) Spend the rest of class working on podcast.

10/8: (1) Class discussion about “Portrait of the Artist As an Avatar” (2) Finish podcasts (3) Podcast presentations (4) On the partner blog, answer the following questions: What did you learn from hearing your classmates’ projects? What were some features of their podcasts that they admired? Is there anything you now wish you had done differently with your own podcast? What would you do if you could do another episode?

10/15: (1) Class discussion about “How YouTube Changes Everything” (2) Finish presenting podcasts (3) Intro to making a short documentary (4) Review “Guidelines for Communicating with Interviewees” (5) Partner contract (6) Begin planning for video/story map

10/22: (1) Class discussion about “If Walt Whitman Vlogged” and “Motionpoems.” (2) iMovie Tutorial (3) Class time to work on videos (4) Partner blog post (individual): How can your artist’s story be told visually? How is telling a visual story different from telling an oral story? (5) If you run out of things to do, please get started on the homework.

11/12: (1) Discuss reading from HW (2) Guidelines for e-book project (3) Partner contract (4) Pages tutorial (5) Brainstorm and outline

11/29: (1) Discuss Scott McCloud comic from HW (2) On your partner blog, write individual posts, responding to the following: In his comic, Scott McCloud mentions the possibility of when “…the computer itself becomes the artist…” (last page). Is computer as artist a reality today, or is it something that will happen in the distant future? Why or why not? Please provide examples. Imagine a future where technology has more autonomy (i.e. the computer or other technology is an artist that can collaborate with a human artist). How could you imagine your artist subject working with such autonomous technology? Be creative. (3) With your partner, check out Can you find any online publications that explore a topic related to your artist subject? (4) In-class time to work on e-books – please make sure to run your concept for page 4 by me before you begin working on it.

12/10: (1) Write a “thank you” e-mail to your artist subject. (2) In your e-mail, include a link to your partner blog and links to the three projects posts: podcast, video, and e-book. (3) Tell your artist subject that he or she is free to post these links on his or her own sites and social media channels.


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